IDC: Windows Phone took 15.3% of Vietnamese market in Q2 2013



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According the the IDC 290,000 Windows Phones were shipped to Vietnam in Q2 2013, up from a mere 45,700 a year earlier.

The growth rate of 119% is largely due to Nokia’s brand but also Microsoft’s investment in the local developer community said Võ Lê Tâm Thanh, Senior Market Analyst, Mobile Devices at IDC Vietnam.

Daniel Pang, ASEAN Research Manager for Client Devices at IDC Asia/Pacific comments, "The strong uptake of Nokia’s Lumia 520 has really helped Windows Phone 8 to drive Vietnam’s smartphone market. If Nokia can maintain a strong emerging market portfolio, it may be able to continue to differentiate itself from the mass of low-cost vendors.”

By growing to a strong second position, Windows Phone is now the primary challenger of Android in the region, and hopefully Microsoft will continue to produce a value portfolio matched with a brand consumers love in the region to continue to pose a serious challenge to Google.

Thanks sri_tech for the tip.

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