IDC: Windows Phone overtook iOS and BBRY in Q2 to become second largest OS in India

We have seen the IDC trickling out regional data over the last few weeks, and today it is India’s turn.

The IDC revealed that Windows Phone has taken 5.6% market share in India, largely on the strength of Nokia’s smartphones, which had 5% of the market.

This was enough to overtake Blackberry and iOS, but of course still a distant second to the dominant Android mobile OS.

The Nokia Lumia 520 in particular was one of the main drivers for Windows Phone, being less than 10,000 INR, the sweet spot in which 67% of Indian smartphones are sold.

“Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia devices have achieved a striking growth in their volumes within a very short time since their launch in India. With new Windows Phone devices getting launched at short intervals, we expect them to continue on this growth trajectory,” said Manasi Yadav, Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices, IDC India.

Microsoft in particular was pleased.

“Less than ten months back, when we launched Windows Phone 8 in India, we had set ourselves the goal of being the second most widely used smartphone platform in India, and we are excited to have achieved this milestone so quickly,” said Vineet Durani, Director – Windows Phone Business Group, Microsoft Corporation India.

It will remain to be seen if Windows Phone can grow from a niche second, like Mac OS on the desktop, to a strong contender, but it is certain, after Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s handset division, that the company will be throwing a lot of resources into the fight to make that possible.