IDC: Windows Phone outsold iPhones in Brazil in Q3 2014, but still a small fraction of the market



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The IDC has released some market share numbers for the Brazilian smartphone market in Q3 2014.

They revealed the market was 15.1 million devices strong in Q3 2014, an increase of 11 percent compared to the second quarter and 49 percent compared with the same period last year.

The growth was largely driving by rapidly falling smartphone prices in the region, such that smartphones outsold feature phones 3:1, with only 4.7 million feature phones being sold.

The average price of the devices has fallen from BRL 900 ($333) in early 2011 to BRL 700 in Q2 2014 and to BRL 590 ($218) in Q3 2014. Mid-range devices (priced between BRL 450 and BRL 900) already represent half of the Brazilian market. IDC Brasil expects that 63 percent of the smartphones in 2014 will have a screen bigger than 4 inches.

The majority of devices are Android of course, making 91% of the market, but the IDC confirmed that Windows Phone surpassed iOS and moved into second place.

We have seen Microsoft engaging in heavy marketing in the region, which will hopefully solidify its second position, though making real gains against Android seems a rather insurmountable challenge.

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