IDC: Windows Phone 7 helps Microsoft grab smartphone market share in Australia

The Australian Meter Maids helped Microsoft generate some enthusiasm down under. reports that the Windows Phone 7 launch in Australia has been pretty successful.

According to Mark Novosel, Market Analyst, and Telecommunications at IDC, “The launch of Windows Phone 7 saw a notable 3.2% Q/Q jump in shipments of smartphones running Windows, with Microsoft’s Q4 total equalling that of all Windows Mobile devices shipped in the prior 12 months,”

The 3.2% increase was in the face of the Australian market itself growing by 101%, with 2.64 million devices shipped, suggesting the surge in devices shipped was even larger.  Smartphones now form 62% of the Australian phone market, with Nokia recently retaking the number 1 smartphone spot from Apple.

IDC now expects 92% of app phones to be smartphones in 2015, and expects Windows Phone 7 to have a larger than 20% market share.

“Android is expected to overtake Symbian and become the number one smartphone OS in Australia within the next few months and its market share will stabilise around 40%. Apple will account for close to 30% and Windows Phone expected to see strong growth in coming years, with market share in excess of 20% by the end of 2015,” added Novosel.

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