IDC: Windows Phone 7 devices gaining traction for Samsung

IDC released their Q1 2011 numbers for smartphones, and unlike usual did not break the numbers down by OS, saying merely that the market has grown to around a 100 million devices, 79.6% Year on year growth, with HTC and Samsung the fastest growers.

In fact Samsung grew 350% YoY, shipping 10.8 million devices.  While most of this is likely to be Android devices, and from Canalys numbers we know around 3.5 million are Bada phones, IDC makes a point to mention that Windows Phone 7 is growing, saying “Meanwhile, its bada-powered Wave devices and Windows Phone 7 devices continued to gain traction.”

While Samsung’s handsets have been plagued with update issues, their Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus have also been amongst the most popular and desirable of the Windows Phone 7 launch cohort, and in some surveys the company has been neck and neck with HTC’s share, despite a larger selection of devices.

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