IDC Survey shows sharp drop in developers interest in Windows Phone




In their regular quarterly survey of developers, IDC and Appcelerator saw a sharp drop off in developers who were “very interested” in developing for Windows Phone 7.5 during their survey period, which was between the 11th to 18th May and included 3632 developers.

IDC attributes this to the slow traction of Windows phone, writing:

Developer interest in Windows Phone 7 phones dropped sharply. WP7 “very interested” levels dropped from 37.0 % in Q1 2012 to 25.0% in Q2 2012. This was not unexpected given disappointing WP7 handset sales to date and Nokia’s recently reported competitive challenges.

The survey shows at the time developers also had little faith Windows Phone would win in enterprise, with only 6% thinking they hand a chance, vs 53.2% for iOS and 37.5% for Android.

Developers however remained interested in the Metro UI and though Windows 8 tablets had a chance in enterprise.

Of course being published so long after the fact, the study has little relevance to today’s market. Windows Phone 8 has now been unveiled, and this will likely depress developer interest until the OS arrives, but its business-friendly features will conversely make it more likely to succeed in enterprise for example.

We therefore look forward to the next survey, which we think will tell a more interesting story.

Find the full survey at appcelerator here.

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