IDC survey: As developers go cross platform, Windows Phone 7 sees strongest growth in phone developer interest

growthdevinterestIDC and Appcelerator have published their quarterly survey of 2,235 mobile developers for January 2011 on their plans, interests and perceptions of the major mobile and tablet OS providers.

Their findings show an increased impetus for developers to develop for other platforms, with developers saying last year they were only going to support 2 platforms, and this year intending to support 4. They also planned to release many more applications, last year planning 2.3 and this year treble at 6.5 apps per developer.

Of interest to Windows Phone 7 users is that interest in the platform continues to increase steeply, with 36% of developers ‘very interested’ due to a better-than-expected launch. Respondents said that Windows Phone’s improved UI was a critical factor for the increase.

 Sep-10Jan-11Growth in Developer Interest
Android Phone82876%
WebOS Phone1613-19%

Of note is that Windows Phone 7 saw the biggest increase in developer interest of the phone OS’s, with developer interest up 29%.  This compares with platforms such as Symbian, Meego and WebOS, who all saw a decrease in developer interest, indicating Windows Phone 7 is increasingly becoming the alternative developer platform after iPhone and Android. wp7devinterest

Of course Windows phone 7 still has a long way to go, at 36% developer interest being the 4th OS after Blackberry OS, but at the current rate of growth is should soon over take that aging platform. Not indicated in the table is however strong interest in developers for tablet devices and operating systems, an area in which Microsoft is not really competing at present.

The Windows Phone 7 marketplace opened in October 21st with 777 applications, and currently, around 4 months later, has nearly 10 times as much, at 6807, growth of nearly 800%.  The OS has so far passed the Palm Pre App catalogue which has between 5000 and 6000 applications, and is heading towards Blackberry AppWorld, which is widely believed to have around 18,000 applications, a number which Marketplace may reach in as little as 6 months.

This survey was conducted from January 10-12, 2011 using data from 2,235 of over 100,000 developers who use Appcelerator’s Titanium application development platform. 32% of respondents classify themselves as independent developers, with the other 68% coming from businesses. Appcelerator has a global audience, with 39% surveyed stating they live in North America, 43% in Europe, and 18% throughout the rest of the world.

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