IDC: Nokia once again the biggest phone OEM in Finnish market as Apple collapses


23, 2013


The IDC has released some figures for Q2 2013 which shows that, after a historic loss of the crown in Q1 2013 Nokia has once again regained the throne in its own homeland.

Nokia achieved this by shipping 210,000 phones into the small Finnish market,  while Samsung managed 200,000.

Samsung still bested Nokia when it came to the mix, with 164,000 of their handsets being smartphones, vs 106,000 for Nokia.


These numbers are reflected in the graph, which also shows that Samsung’s numbers are in decline vs Nokia’s increasing sales, which is slowly narrowing the gap.

“The demand for basic phones is melting slowly away. Lumia, however, got off the ground in such a way that it is taking back market share while basic phones decrease. Nokia has improved the lost share continuously in small steps,” Elisa’s Business Director Henri Korpi says.

The biggest loser however is Apple, which only shipped 41,000 handsets in Q2 for a 7% market share, down from 82,000 and 14% share in Q1 2013, a low not seen since Q2 20111 two years ago.

“If the customer is buying an iPhone, he will certainly consider twice whether it is worth it to pay 200 or 300 euros more than some mid-range device,” Elisa’s Henri Korpi says.

Nokia’s resurgence is of course reflected worldwide, if to a much lesser degree, with Nokia gaining market share in Q2 2013 while Apple slipped significantly.  Hopefully the trend can continue and see Nokia (and Windows Phone) on top worldwide.

Via ITViikko, thanks Nishy for the tip.

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