IDC estimates Windows Phone will take 9% of the Indonesian market this year


Indonesia, with its population of around 246 million, is generally thought of as a Blackberry strong-hold, but a recent estimate from IDC suggests the company is on track to lose market share there, like everywhere.

Even in 2012 Android dominated the market, with 56% share, and according to the IDC will is just set to increase, to 60% of the market in 2013.

Windows Phone29


Blackberry is expected to drop, from 37% of the market in 2012, to between 30 and 35% of the market in 2013. Symbian will drop, as one can expect for a discontinued operating system, from 2% to 0%.

Meanwhile Windows Phone will be coming on strong, rising from 2% in 2012 to 9% in 2013, for the biggest gain by far.

Apple’s iOS devices are expected to remain at only 3% market share.

If Windows Phone can build up a significant market share in large emerging markets like these it will bode will for reaching shipment numbers in the tens of millions per quarter as Microsoft is projecting eventually.