IDC confirms Windows Phone has overtaken iOS in Brazil in Q4 2013


According to the IDC’s Mobile Tracker report Windows Phone has overtaken iOS in Brazil, and is now the second biggest selling OS in the region, with 6% market share.

They note Windows Phone has had four consecutive quarters of growth in the country, which is now the fourth largest smartphone market worldwide, with estimated sales of 47 million units in 2014.

"Microsoft works in partnership with Nokia, operators and retailers to accelerate Windows Phone’s participation in the local market, in addition to offering a complete portfolio of smartphones that meets the diverse needs and desires of consumers," says Celso Winik, general manager Microsoft Mobility Brazil. Winik also notes that Windows Phone is designed to work seamlessly with computers and tablets with Windows 8, and Xbox 360 consoles and Xbox One Furthermore, Windows Phone is fully integrated with the constellation Microsoft services – Skype, OneDrive , Office 365, Xbox Music among others. "It is possible, for example, start editing a document in Windows Phone 8 and continue at home on the computer."

According to the IDC in Q4 2013 Windows Phone outsold iOS in 10 markets worldwide. This number is down from more than 20 in Q3, and will likely increase once again in Q1 2014 when the iPhone’s surge quarter is over.