The Australian Classification Board has rated a mysterious project from id Software titled Project 2021B.

Once again the Australian Classification Board has revealed a game before its time, although this time the listing is a lot more mysterious. Coming to us from DOOM developer id Software, the listing for Project 2021B is rather sparse on details, with only an M rating standing out. 

Unlike previous id Software titles such as DOOM, DOOM Eternal, and the equally mysterious Project 2021A, which all received R ratings for high impact violence, Project 2021B is only rated at M for moderate impact in violence, with mild impact in themes and language. 

There’s currently no telling exactly what Project 2021B might be but that hasn’t stopped people speculating on Resetera that this mystery title could be a new Quake game or remaster, especially since the 25th anniversary of Quake 2 is coming next year. 

Project 2021b Id software

Whatever this Project 2021B is, it hasn’t featured in any of Xbox’s presentations or talks with Id Software as far as we know, so despite the name, it likely won’t be releasing in 2021 or anytime soon, unless id want’s to give us a real surprise. 

Whenever this mystery project does release, we can expect it to be exclusive to Xbox and PC, since Xbox spent an absolutely mountain of money to acquire id Software parent company Zenimax media alongside developer Bethesda.