id Software book Masters of Doom is being made into a TV show


29, 2019

Masters of Doom is one of my all-time favourite books on game development. Now, it’s being made into a TV show! (I’m very excited!)

Ordered by USA Network, the book will be adapted for screen by brothers James and Dave Franco. While the original book was penned by David Kushner, this TV adaptation is being written by Gear of War 4 writer Tom Bissell.

Masters of Doom is a fantastic tale on the creation of id Software and their key titles: Commander Keen, Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake. From the company’s creation to their fractured split after the release of Quake. It’s an interesting tale that really delves into development culture during the 90s. Give it a read!

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The series is intended to be an anthology series. While the show will keep the name of the book, the adaptation will only be for the first season. Instead of following on, other seasons will focus on different stories.

According to Deadline, the title’s pilot episode is slated to release sometime in 2019. Hopefully, it’s an accurate and unromantic version of the book, a title that wasn’t afraid to get too personal with its cast of real-life characters.

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