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Iconical Plus allows you to create multiple appointment filters from all calendars available on your phone. Each filter has its own live tile and month, agenda, search views. Lock screen integration is available with support for Bing photo.

To-do tasks can be maintained and displayed on the same live tile with your calendar events.

The live tiles have unique features such as auto-changing reminder color, picture of meeting organizer, easy to read layouts that can display up to 10 events and top 4 to-do tasks.

It’s never been easier to have separate live tiles for appointments, birthdays, and all-day events!

Main features:Iconical Plus - QR Code

  • Month view: days that have appointments are clearly marked and the agenda for selected day is displayed on the same page.
  • Agenda view: appointments are grouped by day.
  • Search as-you-type: easily find events that contain your input text in the Subject, Location or Notes.
  • To-do list: create, edit, and reorder to-do tasks.
  • Lock screen: display up to 3 events, custom message, Bing photo of the day or choose a photo from Pictures hub.
  • New appointments can be created from agenda and month views.
  • Filter calendar accounts, appointment date up to 12 months in advance, multiple keywords for Subject and Notes, how long to display all-day events.
  • Live Tile types: flip, iconic, cycle. The flip tile can display calendar events on front and to-do tasks on the back, for both wide and medium sizes.
  • Live Tile colors: 27 colors that include all standard accents and popular custom colors. A different background color can be specified as a reminder. A dark text option is available for use with light background colors.

Iconical Plus is available for $1.29 with a fully functional free trial:
Download from Windows Phone Store

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