ICE App For Windows Phone 7

Development on Windows Phone 7 seems to have increased since Microsoft announced they were providing devices to developers, and this is one of the new apps that has come out of that. Created by the Phone7 blog owner, the application is a very simple concept that is known to many people in the North America and Europe. The concept of ICE simple decodes to  In case of Emergency, so if your every in need to talk to someone after an incident, you should be saving their number under ICE.

Here is a little info from the creator:

I’ve been posting videos I’ve received in the showcase area. I decided to create a video of an application I made called ICE (which stands for In case of Emergency). Should the owner of this app get into an accident, a paramedic could launch the ICE app and see details of the owner (e.g. ICE Contacts/Medications/Allergies/Conditions) very quickly and easily. This information could prove crucial in an emergency situation.  It’s still in development (waiting for an SDK update) and will be made available completely free of charge in Windows Marketplace when WP7 launches.

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