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IAGWH – I Am Good With Headlines, is a unique and fun way to read the latest news headlines and play a game at the same time.

I Am Good With Headlines lets you select the news categories you are interested in, between top news, sports, entertainment, technology and business, and the game fetches one random headline from those subjects at a time, jumbles the headline, and shows you 4 ways for this headline to appear. The game is to guess the right headline among the 4 options with the least amount of tries, and with no hints.. the cool thing is that you can then go and read that headline, and come back for the next round afterwards.

The game keeps a pretty long list of statistics, from amount of articles fetched, how many nailed on the 1st try, 2nd try or 3rd, how many were never guessed, how many you visited and the high score.

The game is available free in marketplace here.