I nominate Joe Belfiore for Microsoft’s CES 2011 Keynote

Joe Belfiore at Mobile World Congress, February 2010

When Windows Phone 7 was introduced at Mobile World Congress this past February, Microsoft’s corporate vice president and director of Windows Phone Program Management, Joe Belfiore, took center stage to introduce the new OS. Watching his speech evoked a sense of confidence that overshadowed the CEO, Steve Ballmer’s presentation. Now, I have nothing but utter respect for Mr. Ballmer, but I think he is better suited at making speeches for the enterprise, where he can focus on sales, dollars and cents. I have never found him inspirational when trying to sell the vision for Microsoft’s consumer strategy like Steve Jobs does for Apple. I am not also saying that Mr. Belfiore will match Mr. Jobs, but I think his presentation in Barcelona, and subsequent interviews have showed him to more than capable for the job.

What accelerated my writing of this post (I’ve been working on it for a few days now) was the news from winrumors.com, about Microsoft’s latest PR stunt.

Chet Logothestian, a self confessed content coach, has been hired by the software giant to help Steve Ballmer make the most of his CES keynote next week.

I think that the 2011 Keynote is a  pivotal moment for the company as it tries to give a direction of Windows Phone 7, and more importantly their answer to the threat posed by the iPad and Android tablets. Therefore, this kind of stunt if true, however funny, just tells me they are not that serious because it will take the focus away from message. I can already envision more articles written about the stunt, than the actual substance of the keynote defeating the latter’s purpose completely!

I know Mr. Belfiore will not be the Keynote Speaker at CES 2011, but I think he should become the spokesman for Microsoft’s three screens and a cloud consumer strategy; a point person who will answer all the questions regarding the outlook for Windows Phone, Zune, Windows Media Center, Windows slate/tablet and Windows Live services, instead of Microsoft relying on blog posts that are often filled with vague, PR speak, and more than often evade even the most basic inquiries.


Chet. CES creative presentation consultant

Via winrumors, Microsoft

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