I need this triple pad wireless charger in my life!


13, 2019

We have reached peak smartphone already, but there is still a lot of expansion in the ecosystem of accessories around these devices, resulting in a profusion of headphones, smartwatches and more to charge each night.

Apple was meant to address this with their Airpower charger, but ultimately they were too ambitious.

A much more pragmatic solution is this so-far unreleased triple-pad wireless charger by Morphie, which would really clear up my nightstand.

Featuring a plate for your smartphone, headphones and smartwatch, it seems perfect for today’s tech power user.

We do not know if the device features fast charging, but given the small batteries in smartwatches and batteries, and that charging will generally take place overnight this is not really needed.

The accessory was leaked by Evan Blass aka EvLeaks, and does not appear to be present on Morphie’s website yet.

Hopefully, the company will have more success delivering than Apple did.

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