I-mate still alive, offers life-time guarantee on new phone

I-mate, who’s future has been in question since the day they opened their doors (and even more recently after they were delisted from the stock exchange) is set to announce a net of new devices at Mobile World Congress.

One of them, the i-mate 810-F, look set to take on the rugged corporate world of door to door deliveries with a device that is fully rubber sealed casing, waterproof, shock, pressure, humidity, and temperatures proof with a range as cold as -10°C or as hot as 60°C. The phone meets U.S. military standard, and will be offered by i-mate with a lifetime warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

Once you peel off the toughened shell however you still have a pretty well specified device. The 810-F runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, has HSDPA, WIFI, GPS, and accelerometer and even a digital compass. It also features 2.2 GB of built-in storage.

I-mate also offers value-added software in the form of its Secure i-Q that enables one to lock the device, wipe personal data or trigger of an alarm should your phone be lost or stolen, all remotely from your PC.

The 810-F will be, with i-mate’s other devices, be unveiled at Mobile World Congress. The real test will however be delivery, as I-mate is pretty good at promising great phones, most which never see the light of day.

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