I am Rich for HTC Touch HD



Does anyone remember that iPhone application called I am Rich? You know, the one that snuck it’s way into the App Store, performed absolutely no real function and cost $1000 USD? Yeah, that one. Well xb00t over at XDA has developed basically the same application for the HTC Touch HD and has named it, I am Rich HD. Pretty catchy, huh?

Again, I am Rich HD performs no real function but at least it looks cool and it won’t set you back a grand like the original version developed for that other phone, that I might add, only sold six copies before it was removed from the App Store altogether.

If you were one of the six original individuals who bought I am Rich, I am sure you remember wasting a thousand greenbacks on this and are probably still suffering from buyers remorse. If your recollection of this software is a bit foggy, stop by here to jog your memory. If this is a must have for you and you are one of the lucky dogs sporting a Touch HD and want to fulfill the need to feel filthy, stinking rich, go here to grab your very own copy.

And if you are not rich enough to own a HD, see the video of the app in action below.

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