SkateBIRD, the game where you play as a totally cool and radical cheeper on a skateboard, has entered the final hours of its Kickstarter campaign. If you want to back the game and grab the alpha test demo before time runs out, you’ll need to hurry!

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In SkateBIRD, you play as a lonely little beeper whose Big Friend has hung up their board for good. Their job has started taking up all their time and they barely have time to hang with their favourite bird friend anymore. Luckily for the Big Friend, you’re going to fix all that!

You may only be small, but as long as you keep grinding on bendy straws, kick-flipping over staplers, and carving killer lines through cardboard parks stuck together with tape, you’ll soon amass the following of a lifetime and bring more birds to your park.

It’ll take all your little birdie skill, but you know deep in your feathers that you’ll help your Big Friend find hope and learn to love skating again!

As a nice bonus feature, SkateBIRD will support dropping MP3 files into a folder and mixing that into the soundtrack. Because that’s what the in-game music is: a mixtape. Go wild!

SkateBIRD will release on PC, Mac, and Linux. There’s 6 hours left to go on the Kickstarter, which you can check out here. You can also wishlist it on Steam here!