Huawei’s Android and Windows replacement is ‘far from ready’


23, 2019

Huawei is working on a replacement operating system to take the place of Android and Windows in its home market after it lost the ability to work with Google and Microsoft respectively.

While Huawei’s CEO said that the operating system would be ready later in the year, his take seems to be a very optimistic one.
According to The Information, Huawei’s operating system– known internally as Project Z — is an operating system aimed at running on all form of devices ranging from phones to appliances.

It is also “far from ready” and hasn’t had a smooth ride in terms of development. Huawei is planning to accelerate its development after his ban but rushed software could torpedo any chances of success out of the gate.

That said, Huawei may face an insurmountable app-gap should the ban continue. US entities are prohibited from doing business with the firm. This means apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and any and all Google apps would not arrive for the platform barring any change in material circumstances.

Furthermore, considering how ARM dumped Huawei almost immediately despite not being a US company, apps with large U.S presences may not want to take the risk.

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