Huawei release the first coronavirus-inspired phone with infra-red thermometer

Huawei has released the first smartphone in the world with technology inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro 5G  features an infra-red thermometer as part of its camera cluster, allowing users to conveniently check the temperature of themselves and their friends and families.

Huawei says the thermometer is sensitive from -20 to 100 degrees celsius, so we assume it is also useful for other things besides fevers.

Besides the infra-red thermometer, which was repurposed from the depth sensor on the device, the Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro 5G is a regular flagship with the following features:

It is not known how widely the handset will be released, but I imagine if we have a second wave the handset may come in pretty handy.

Via Winfuture

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