[Update] Retailers promises full refunds if Facebook and Google stop working on Huawei devices

Update: Huawei will not running said program. Instead, it is select retailers in the Philippines.

The trade war between Huawei and the US government is taking a toll on the company. Recently, the CEO of Huawei said that the impact of the ban was worse than he had anticipated. He also said that Huawei is changing their target for this year and the company has estimated a loss of over $30 billion in revenue and a 40% drop in sales.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, the company is also losing its customers as users no longer trust Huawei to deliver all the services and apps. This has pushed Huawei to launch an offer that hasn’t been done by any other company yet. According to Huawei Central (via BGR), the company is offering 100% refunds in case users lose access to the Play Store and apps like Facebook and Instagram. Google earlier said that Huawei’s existing phones will have access to the Play Store and OS updates but Facebook later asked Huawei to stop pre-installing their apps on the phones.

While this is not an issue for Chinese users, Huawei’s huge chunk of customers live outside China and losing access to Play Store and apps like Facebook could force them to ditch Huawei in favour of another brand. At this moment, Huawei is currently the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world but that might change as the company is struggling to sell phones while making sure their existing devices get timely updates.

The 100% refund offer is currently available for users in Phillippines. US government, on the other hand, is still not allowing Huawei to do business deals with other companies. It will be interesting to see if Huawei offers a similar deal to customers in other parts of the world. For now, the offer seems to be available for just Phillippines and that too the offer will be valid if existing users lose access to Google Play Store and other Android apps.