Huawei not scared off by MS/Nokia deal, but still sceptical



Author Surur // in News

While both HTC and Samsung had little to say about the Microsoft/Nokia deal, one of the most promising new Windows Phone OEMs, Huawei, was a little bit more forthcoming.

Speaking to the Financial Times  Chen Lifang, a board member of Huawei, said their investment in Windows Phone will not be affected by the recent purchase of Nokia’s handset division by Microsoft.

Having said that, the company continues to simply dip their toe into the Windows Phone pool, and said they remain sceptical about   the ability of Windows Phone to challenge the market position of Android.

For those who think Huawei is no big deal, in the same interview Chen clarified the company has no intention to purchase HTC, which I think quite firmly demonstrates how the tables have turned in the smartphone world recently.

Chen added Huawei may introduce a new brand to boost consumer awareness in a further bid to boost sales.

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