Huawei is gearing up to create games consoles and high-end laptops


11, 2021

Huawei is going to get their game on: the Chinese mobile phone company is dipping its toes into games consoles and gaming laptops in the near future.

Reported by HuaweiCentral, the phone company plans to release their games console in the next few years. The hardware is described as being functionaly similar to the recently released Xbox and PlayStation consoles although no specs have been revealed.

While the consoles are a few years away, Huawei is aiming to take on the PC gaming space with their first ever gaming laptop. While the company has previously developed MacBook style Matebook devices, this will be the company’s first high-end PC device.

Again, no specs were given, but it was reported that the company originally intended to reveal the hardware last year. This should mean that the hardware isn’t far away.

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