HTML5 enabled Bing Mobile finally rolls out for WP7.5


Much earlier in the year Microsoft released a HTML5 enabled Bing Mobile site for iPhone and Android, and promised to release the update to Windows Phones also when they finally got a HTML5 enabled browser.

Now that Mango is available to 100% of Windows Phone 7 users (except maybe the recalcitrant Samsung Focus 1.4 devices) the Bing search team must have felt confident enough to push the button, as visiting now produces a completely different experience than before.

The app is now fetchingly dark and slick, and features much of the built-in options found on the Bing app in Windows Phone 7, including the backgrounds

Of course even HTML5 is not as fast as a native app, and while the site is now much more visually attractive it does not offer anything more than the dedicated app.

Give it a spin however and and let us know if there is anything we missed.

Thanks Milad for the tip.