HTC’s Q1-2 2010 roadmap leaked


7, 2009

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Much like last year HTC’s 2010 roadmap has leaked out again courtesy of B3l3fonte on  Also much like last time the pictures are not of particularly high quality, but they do include the full specs.

HTC is set to release 3 Windows Mobile handsets in the first 6 months of 2010, the HTC Photon, HTC Trophy and HTC Tera


The HTC Photon is due to arrive in April 2010 and appears to be a low-end HTC HD2. The first Windows Mobile device with a Half-VGA screen, it has a 600 Mhz Snapdragon processor and a 3.2 inch capacitive screen.



Also due in April is the HTC Tera, a low-end HTC Touch Pro 2.


The device has only a WQVGA screen and 600 Mhz processor.


Lastly in May 2010 is the HTC Trophy.



The device  has a 3 inch capacitive VGA screen, QWERTY keyboard and features “Super Search” and comes with the tagline “I can find anything.”

Read more in this XDA-Developers thread here.

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