HTC’s Invasion of the Colonies

HTC TopazHTC Jasper
T-Mobile TungstenHTC Barium

For the most part, most phones manufacturers don’t tend to send their blue chip devices to the U.S. and if they do, it’s usually after they are released in Europe/Asia. The only exception to this rule is Apple, who thanks to a strong relationship with AT&T focuses here in the U.S. and Motorola. LG and Samsung will release their best wares in Europe/Asia and then release it 6 months later in the U.S. on CDMA networks. Nokia takes too long releasing U.S. versions of it’s phones and it does a terrible job of updating it’s software.

HTC was not immune to this theory. The HTC Touch HD is the greatest example of this. A absolutely great device but is sadly not available in the U.S. But it looks like those times are changing. For the first time ever, HTC’s best devices were released on both GSM and CDMA networks in the same year when in the past, this was not the case. The HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro have been big successes for HTC in America along with the HTC Fuze.

But now thanks to the news of HTC’s leaked Roadmap for 2009, it seems that the U.S. is a market they will not ignore. 9 devices are on that roadmap specifically for U.S. Carriers not to mention U.S. Friendly versions of their other devices they will release worldwide. Some of the devices that I feel deserve mentioning are the HTC Topaz for AT&T which to mean is a indication that AT&T realizes they need to put their eggs in more then one basket (iPhone) and by having a killer Win Mo device which is touchscreen only and it looks sexy, that it’s a good thing. Also of note is the HTC Barium and HTC Jasper which they say is a refreshing of the HTC Fuze and Sprint Touch Pro respectively. It’s interesting to me because they are getting refreshes of these devices while the HTC Rhodium and HTC Tungsten is the long awaited HTC Touch HD Pro. it seems that these will be high end devices that will end up being a rung below the Rhodium and Tungsten.

I’m glad to see that HTC is releasing so many devices and is truly “covering their bases”. While the software will ultimately decide how good these devices are, there is no denying that the best devices hardware wise come from Windows Mobile and specifically HTC. And the best part is, the U.S. won’t be left out of this Barrage of devices.   

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