HTC’s BENELUX Director talks about HTC and Windows Phone 7, confident it will do well in the market

Interview Mark Moons HTC over Antennagate, Updates, Android en Windows Mobile 7 from MGvandenBroek on Vimeo.

HTC’s BENELUX director Mark Moons has given an interview to MG Van Den Broek about a wide range of issues, including Apple’s Antennagate , Android and also Windows phone 7.

Of course interview was in Dutch, but Johan Peeters has been kind enough to translate the bits relevant to Windows Phone 7.

According to Johan, Mark admits his main phone is an Android device, and notes that HTC was an Android founding member.  He however insisted HTC will continue to produce Windows phone 7 devices, and that HTC was happy that Microsoft decided to reboot Windows Mobile with Windows Phone 7.

He goes on to reassure the interviewer that HTC will have a Windows Phone 7 device in BENELUX by December, and suggested it may be a lot sooner than that. 

According to Mark only Android and Windows Phone 7, as open operating systems available to any licensee, had an opportunity to do well in the market, as the other operating systems (IOS, Blackberry and even Symbian) were proprietary or nearly so (like Symbian and Nokia)

He notes that Microsoft and HTC were fully aware of the need to catch up, but was sure Windows phone 7 will do fine when launched. He goes on to say a bit later however that the HTC HD2 was still one of HTC’s best sellers in the Netherlands, doing better than even the HTC Desire.

For the rest of the interview he talks about HTC going into the Chinese market, HTC market position in the Netherlands, Time between device software updates on android (they are trying to reduce this time by increasing cooperation with partners(network operators)

On tablets: he sees a tablet as a different form factor  not a different platform, however he does not see it as a cell phone related device, and therefore not really something for HTC to do(insinuated).

On the notion of iPhone users having more sex(study on a dating site apparently), he concludes that perhaps there are more iPhone users who are on online dating sites compared to android users. Smile

Thanks again for Johan for his great work translating the pretty long video.  Do our other Dutch-speaking readers note anything in addition? Let us know below.

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