HTC/Microsoft partnership strong, HTC will increase portion of Android handsets beyond 70%

HTC’s Jack Tong: Our partnership (with Microsoft) is strong

HTC has in one breath re-emphasized their commitment to Windows Phone 7 while at the same time spoke about their increased investment in Android.

Speaking to Dow Jones NewsWire, Jack Tong, president, HTC North Asia said:

"Our strategic partnership (with Microsoft) will continue," "Microsoft is still committed to us, and we will continue to develop tech devices. Our partnership is strong."

Action however speaks louder than words, and Tong also said it will the portion of handsets which are powered by Android will rise beyond 70%.

Nokia’s Stephen Elop has accused OEMs like HTC and Samsung of letting their Windows Phone 7 handsets play second fiddle to their Android devices, principally by producing devices with lower features and older technology.

For HTC’s Asian head, it does not sound like this is likely to change any time soon, strong partnership or not.

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