HTC Windows Phone 8 presentation

16:43 Event seems to be over.

16:42 Available starting November on 150 carriers in 50 countries around the world, and in US 8S on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

16:40 Now talking about availability. Calling them the signature phones of Windows Phone 8.

Calling them the Windows Phone 8x and Windows Phone 8S.  Phones will come to more markets and carriers than any other windows phone before, with great messaging.

16:38 Phone has Beats Audio with integrated amplifier.  Finally no more soft headphones.

16:36 Says it has the same camera as the HTC One X for F2.0 lens. Also with good front camera with 1080p video with ultra-wide angle lens.

16:32 Says phones are alive with colour, bold and sophisticated.  Showing the team who created the phones. The intent was to create phones which were thin with great colours. They seem very proud of the shape of the phone. Says phones are thin and the ultimate embodied design of Windows Phone.

16:29  Says HTC’s windows phones embodies a live tile made 3 dimensional. Components stacked like a pyramid. Phone is unibody with 3 dimensional gorilla glass. Holes are microdrilled.

16:28 HTC head of design on stage. Call other Windows Phones as having recycled designs.  Says HTC’s phones are Simple, Crafted and Human, and this resonates with Metro.


16:24 Steve says handsets have been simply names so consumers can ask for it easily.  Consumers will just be able to say I want a Windows Phone, and automatically get a HTC.


16:23 Handsets shown off.  Tepid applause. Peter Chou says phones have been designed from inside out for people to show off Windows Phone.  Steve calls it thin, with incredible cameras and killer sound.

16:20: Says carriers are excited about unique Windows Phones. Now doing a presentation.  Windows Phone 8S and 8X announced.

16:19: Steve Ballmer there, says beautiful software inspire beautiful hardware.


16:17  Says they needed an iconic, hero Windows Phone.

16:16 Says he spoke to Steve Ballmer about how they could make Windows Phone bigger together, and were really excited about Windows Phone. Says it is all about integration.

16:14 Peter Chou on stage, talking about the mobile history. Talking only about Microsoft, HTC and Windows Phone.  No Android announcement today. 

16:10 Still waiting for the event to start. It seems delayed.


The HTC Presentation is about to start. The dancing pastel colours likely reflects HTC’s 8X and 8S colour schemes.

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