HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro 2 glamour shots

Arne from the Unwired always manages to make me very jealous, and he has managed it again. Today he has published a set of studio photos of the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro 2, well before anyone has even come close to getting their hands on them.

The Touch Diamond 2 is predictably photos of a boring slab, but the Touch Pro 2 shows of it lovely keyboard titling screen and amazing speaker phone.

Here is a small selection, but see the full set at

HTC Touch Diamond 2

htc_touch_diamond2_front htc_touch_diamond2_back

HTC Touch Pro 2

htc_touch_pro2_front_closed htc_touch_pro2_perspective_tilt

htc_touch_pro2_hand_front_closed htc_touch_pro2_back_perspective_right

Click for larger versions