HTC to cut Windows Phone 8 and Android prices to boost sales



Author Surur // in News

HTC CEO Peter ChouIt was not long ago that HTC ruled both the Windows Phone and Android roost.

Now two giant companies have stepped into the area they used to dominate, and the plucky Taiwanese company is being squashed like a bug. Less than 20% of Windows Phones are now powered by HTC, while the company sold less than 10% of Android handsets in Q2 2012, according to Gartner.

Chinese site reports that shareholders have demanded action, and the result is that HTC will give up its premium pricing its brand used to demand and cut prices to a more mass market level.

HTC will also make less use of the Beats branding and technology, which presumably attracts a licensing fee from their partly-owned subsidiary.

HTC’s shares have lost more than 80% of their value since last year, and with profit being hoovered up by the duopoly of Samsung and Apple HTC will need to pull out all stops to rescue their legacy as a smartphone pioneer.


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