HTC to continue to innovate in camera and sound in future versions of Windows Phone


Drew Bamford, HTC’s head of user experience and ex-Microsoftie, spoke to ComplexTech about both Android and Windows Phone.

On Windows Phone he did not reveal much, particularly regarding their future products, but did hint at the future direction for the company.

Below is a snippet from the Windows Phone relevant bits (emphasis added by ourselves):

Speaking of Windows, you have ties to Microsoft. HTC also manufactures WP7 devices. Being that Microsoft mandates its own spec requirements, were there ever any discussions about bringing Sense over to WP7?

Yes. Absolutely. We would argue there are some elements of Sense in our Windows phones. At the moment, they’re relatively confined, but we’re trying to identify the key elements of our Sense experience that we can implement in a Windows environment. And I think you’ll see us focus on the same key areas on the Windows Phone that we focus on Android. We think sound and camera are critical elements and we’re working on improving that on our Windows phones.

Any features found on Mango you would love to expand on?

The Windows’ team has done a great job of prioritizing the camera experience. I think they agree with us on the camera being a critical area in the smartphone experience. They were early with great features like the ability to capture an image while the phone is locked. They required that the phones have a physical camera button. I think that is a great area for us to continue to expand.

Your opinion: Any chance of seeing Sense run on a future version of Microsoft’s mobile OS?

[Laughs]. I’m doing everything I can to embody the key aspects of Sense into each Windows Phone device. At the same time, we want to respect the key elements of the platform and be good partners with Microsoft. And Microsoft has a strong point of view on how the Windows Phone experience should work. I think it’s a beautifully designed experience: fantastic. So everything we do on Windows Phone, we want to feel seamless and integrated with the rest of the WP experience.

In short, even in  Windows Phone 8, we should not expect to see skinning of the user interface such as in Android, but as has been rumoured, the camera app is up for grabs, and it is likely we will see much of the innovation HTC has brought to their Android cameras on Windows Phone also.

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