HTC takes blame for Spanish-hating HTC HD7, will fix it soon

HTC HD7 will soon get Spanish support also.
HTC HD7 will soon get Spanish support also

Jeff, who originally tipped us about the HTC HD7 lacking support for Spanish language packs, has let us know that HTC, who previously blamed T-Mobile USA, has now coped to the fact that it was in fact all their fault.

HTC has told Jeff that the Spanish language pack was omitted due to lack of time, but that the situation will be corrected in the next Windows Phone 7 update, which should arrive by February 2011.

A T-Mobile Moderator made an official statement here, saying:

Due to product development timelines, T-Mobile and HTC were unable to include a Spanish-language keyboard in the initial software build for the HTC HD7. We understand the importance of this feature and we intend to deliver Spanish-language keyboard functionality in a software update early next year.

Moderator, T-Mobile Forums

Of course the situation is less than ideal, and one still wonder why AT&T handsets have the correct language packs, while T-Mobile, with only one device, does not.

Thanks Jeff once again and also tezawaly for the tip.