HTC Surround teardown reveals internal similarities to Nexus One today released their first teardown of a WP7 device, the HTC Surround, and found that its internals are very similar to those of Google’s aborted Nexus One smartphone, released very slightly over a year ago.

Silicon building blocks in common between the two handset designs, in spite of the dissimilar software builds, include a:
Qualcomm RTR6285 multi-band UMTS/EGPRS transceiver with integrated GPS
Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1GHz RISC microprocessor with embedded DSP
Qualcomm PM7540 power management IC, and
Skyworks SKY77336 power amplifier module
Like the Nexus One, the HTC Surround also embeds two MEMS microphones in conjunction with an Audience audio IC to process the mic outputs in order to suppress ambient background noise, therefore striving to improve perceived voice quality on the other end of the cellular connection.

That the phones share many components should come as little surprise – after all, both are similar-spec devices made by HTC – but the phones’ inner workings are so similar that the HTC Surround is, inside, essentially the same phone.

Brian Dipert of EDN has a thorough analysis of the teardown here, examining the similarities; the teardown procedure itself can be read on here, and the followup blog post here.

via eWeek.