HTC Surround reviewed against the iPhone 4

PhoneArena have reviewed the HTC Surround against the iPhone 4.  Both handsets are part of the collection of smartphones offered on AT&T, and of course on AT&T the Windows Phone 7 choice will only include the Samsung Focus and LG Optimus Q.

While I am not sure the HCT Surround was the best handset to put up against the iPhone 4, the device’s unique characteristics did provide some points which caused it to clearly exceed the iPhone 4.  Examples included good, solid build quality,  much better sound reproduction, and of course the kick stand which in combination resulted in handset much better suited to multi-media playback.

On the other hand we know the screen and camera quality are not the best in the HTC Surround, and these were areas where the iPhone 4 performed much better than the Windows Phone 7 device.

Of course there were also issues inherent due to differences in the OS, with the iPhone offering features such as multi-tasking, cut and paste and a large application gallery, while Windows phone 7 offered a uniquely new and fresh experience, and also much better social network integration, and of course also promised further rapid improvements in the platform.

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