HTC Surround having strange lock screen issue on Windows Phone 7

The above video appear to show a new issue bubbling up with the HTC Surround.  The issue appears to be the lock screen becoming unresponsive, causing great difficulty unlocking the device and of course missed phone calls.

One of the affected writes:

I have tried:

Taking away the transparent lock screen ( didn’t work)

Uninstalling the last few app ( didn’t work)

Soft and hard resets ( didn’t work )

Removing the calendar appointment for the day ( didn’t work )

Thought it might be the light sensor doing something funny so I took it off of automatic ( didn’t work )

Turning off the Wifi ( Didn’t work )

Turning off Bluetooth ( Didn’t work )


Full Reset:  Problem still there………

… which to me suggests a hardware issue. On the other hand the issue appears to exist on a number of hardware models, including the HTC HD7 and Samsung Focus, according to this thread on the Microsoft forums. Users are complaining at HTC’s forums here and here also, and it appears the HTC Surround are most affected.

Are any of our readers on other models having the same problem? Let us know below.