HTC sees Windows Phone as a “major part of the world smartphone market”, Samsung to swing heavily towards Windows phone

samsungproductsplitAsiaOne has published a very interesting article, getting quotes from Thai executives of a number of large smartphone OEM’s about their view of the smartphone market.  Some were uncharacteristically candid, offering a look into the future roadmap of these companies.

HTC Thailand’s country manager Nattawat Woranopakul revealed the company planned to launch more than 30 devices in 2011, running Android and Windows phone 7.

"We will be focused on both Android- and Windows Phone 7-based smart phones. These platforms have the biggest potential market. It is expected that by 2012, the combination of Android and Windows Phone 7 will represent a major part of the world smart-phone market," Nattawat said.

Samsung appears to share that confidence.

Head of  Samsung Electronics Thailand’s Telecommunication Unit, Sitthichoke Nopchinabutr told AsiaOne that next year  Samsung will introduce 15 to 20 new smart-phone models using Android, Windows, and Bada operating systems.

Interestingly however, despite the company’s success with the Android Galaxy S series, the company will be favouring Windows phone in its line-up.  According to Nopchinabutr  for every 50 smart phones using Windows, it will make 24 using Android and five using Bada, resulting in a 60% split for Windows Phone , 30% for Android and 6% for Bada.

Windows Phone, on the other hand, appears to have fallen out of favour with LG, currently Microsoft’s premier Windows phone partner.

Thailand’s head of marketing for LG Electronics’s Mobile Communication Department, Natthawach Siriwongsal,said all 10 phones coming to the country will be running Android, but of course on this occasion did not reveal the company’s plans on the world stage.

Read the full report at AsiaOne here.