HTC sees full year 2009 revenue of $4.55 billion, 5% down from 2008


Digitimes reports that HTC’s full year revenue for 2009 has clocked in at $4.55 billion, 5.03% less than the year previously. Before tax this left HTC with a $800 million profit and a gross margin of 17.5%.

Despite hot handsets like the HTC HD2 and the HTC Hero, HTC’s Q4 was still down 13.29% YoY.  2009 saw HTC place a significant focus on their Android handsets, which sell to consumers at a much lower margin than their business-focussed Windows Mobile handsets.

While HTC saw only a slight decline in revenue in a very difficult economic climate, rivals like Apple and RIM were seemingly unaffected by this, suggesting HTC’s move to Android has not helped it tap into the high-value zeitgeist like its  its other more popular rivals appear to have done.

See the full report at Digitimes here.