HTC said to be “drifting away from Windows Phone”, but the story smells


13, 2013

Author Surur // in News


imageDigitimes’s sources speculate that after underperforming in Q2 2013 HTC may start throwing their full weight at their Android line and “drift away from Windows Phone”.

According to the IDC HTC only shipped 400,000 Windows Phones in Q2, while Samsung shipped 1 million.

One must remember however that the Digitimes report appears to be based on speculation by unnamed sources, while the IDC’s estimates does not gel very well with data from the likes of AdDuplex which shows HTC’s Windows Phone 8 share holding up much better than Samsung’s (11.5% vs 2%), which would not happen if new handsets were not flowing into the market from HTC.

In short, the report does not seem to be well supported. With HTC having significant issues competing with Samsung on Android, I do not think they can afford not to compete in Windows Phone’s growing market also.

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