HTC Radar and Nokia Lumia 710 consistently among T-Mobile’s top three before slipping in March

Following up earlier numbers that pegged Windows Phone’s marketshare at 7.1 % for the first quarter, new data from the analysts at Canaccord Genuity (via AllThingsD) shows either the HTC Radar or Nokia Lumia 710 to be the number-three seller at T-Mobile since last December, up until this February. Combined with similar data from November, that makes for four straight months of a Windows Phone among the top three at a major US carrier, albeit the smallest of the Big Four.

With the introduction of yet another Galaxy S variant, though, the number-three spot was lost to an Android handset in March. Hopefully the impending Nokia Lumia 900 launch at AT&T, which is already going to be big and “a notch above anything we’ve ever done”, will turn the tides around once again – and more, by giving AT&T a hero device and simultaneously raising awareness for the whole Windows Phone platform.