HTC PC40100 passes through FCC, heading to Europe

The HTC PC40100 series passes through the fcc

We have seen the HTC PC40100 passing through the Bluetooth SIG and the WIFI Certification organization, and now its made its way through the FCC also, demonstrating via its bands (which lack US 3G support) that its heading to Europe, not USA, except as a tourist.

The filling also confirms the presence of WIFI N, noted earlier from the WIFI certification entry.

The bright yellow  back suggests a HTC HD Mini-type device, which should help to ad to the variety of handsets making up the Windows Phone 7 catalogue.

The PC40100 is part of a collection of other devices, the  HTC PC40100, HTC PC40200 and HTC PD67100, so HTC will likely have a handset for every continent very soon.