HTC patents pop-up connectors, we ask why


HTC is very well known for their hardware inventiveness, but I wonder if they have not taken things a bit too far in the gimmicky direction with their latest patent.

Their patent for a Portable Electronic Device is described as follows:

Connectors in the portable electronic devices, for example, refer to universal serial buses (USBs) which are disposed outside main bodies of the portable electronic devices. Thereby, not only the exterior design of the portable electronic devices is deteriorated, but also dust or undesired objects are prone to enter into the connectors, thus giving rise to poor electrical contact.


The present application is directed to a portable electronic device with succinct appearance.

In the present application, a portable electronic device including a first body, a second body, a motion assembly, a connector, and an ejector is provided. The second body has a hollow portion, and the first body is movable disposed on the second body to cover the hollow portion. The motion assembly is disposed between the first body and the second body, such that the first body is able to move relatively to the second body. The connector is movably disposed in the hollow portion. The ejector is disposed between the connector and the second body. When the first body moves relatively to the second body, and the hollow portion of the second body is exposed, the ejector is capable of driving the connector to move out of the hollow portion.

So in short a pop-up connector would allow for a sleeker appearance while protecting the connector from dust and dirt, but I suspect if we ever see this in a real device it will result in a lot more annoyance than anything else.

See the full patent here.

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