HTC patents elegant voice tagging implementation

voicedialerpe HTC has applied for a patent meant to increase our use a voice tagging, which still tends to be more accurate than speaker-independent voice dialling.

The HTC patent consists of a protocol where the OS would keep track of who you call regularly without voice tags, and if you exceed a certain number, the dialler will automatically prompt you to record the voice tag.

For the legalese version, see below:

A method for setting a voice tag is provided, which comprises the following steps. First, counting a number of phone calls performed between a user and a contact person. If the number of phone calls exceeds a predetermined times or the user fails to perform a voice dialling before calling to the contact person within a predetermined duration, the user is inquired whether or not to set a voice tag corresponding to the contact person after the phone call is complete. If the user decides to set the voice tag, a voice training procedure is executed for setting the voice tag corresponding to the contact person.

Read the full patent at the USPTO here.