HTC patents a book-like smartphone user interface



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Start page


Index page

Page animation



Application as a page

Application store

Application store catalogue

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While the desktop metaphor on mobile devices has been making a come back recently (look at Android for example) HTC has been looking at the next step already, and seems to be working on a more naturalistic user interface which they say will make devices easier to use for novice users and more comfortable to even experienced users.

They are patenting a user interface based on a book, including a home page which is an index of the applications, page flip animations and the ability to download applications as pages.

The abstract as below:

An electronic device and a user interface display method thereof are provided. The electronic device organizes a plurality of computer programs executable on the electronic device into a virtual book. Each page of the virtual book includes a user interface of one of the computer programs. The electronic device displays one of the pages as a current page so that the user interface of the current page is accessible to a user of the electronic device. The electronic device senses movement and/or pressure caused by the user and interprets the movement and/or the pressure as operating actions of the user on the virtual book. The electronic device downloads new computer programs from a download server and adds corresponding new pages into the virtual book. At lease one of the computer programs provides a service of a corporate operator of a wireless service network.

One the embodiments include a dual screen device similar to the Courier, which raises interesting speculation about HTC and their relationship with Microsoft.

Read the patent here.