HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE customs blockade an opportunity for Windows Phone

imageThe HTC One X has been blocked from importation into the USA by US Customs, after a finding of patent infringement in favour of Apple by US courts.

The handset is currently out of stock at AT&T, and will likely remain that way at least in the short term.

Given the situation, which was of course not caused by Microsoft, who is more than happy to license its patents  (unlike Apple) it does present a double opportunity for Windows Phone 7 handsets in the country.

Firstly, obviously devices which are actually on the shelves are more likely to be sold than smartphones which are not available at all.  AT&T can also obviously not promote a handset they do not have to sell, leaving more scope for the Nokia Lumia 900.

The second one is somewhat less obvious, but even more important – as HTC also makes Windows Phones, which are not affected by the ban, one of the few alternatives left for HTC US it to increase their promotion of their Windows Phone 7 handsets, like the HTC Titan II and HTC Radar, which would of course be somewhat of a turn around for the company.

Do our readers think this incident will result in a resurgence of HTC’s Windows Phones in US? Let us know below.

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