HTC Mozart reviewed

Buyers today of Windows Phone 7 devices will today mainly have a choice between the HTC Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 today.

Engadget have just published their review of the former handset, and once again did not come away overly impressed with theykey feature of the handset, the 8 megapixel camera, noting pictures were washed out and soft and video quality poor  with low frame rate in low light.

They were however pretty enamoured by the design of the handset.

They concluded:

So let’s gather our thoughts for a moment. The 7 Mozart is no doubt one of the most stylish WP7 devices right now, and it handles both the OS plus the HTC apps pretty well. Of course, potential buyers should take note of the comparatively smaller 3.7-inch screen (although screen quality here is better than the HD7’s, as mentioned earlier), along with the subpar camera performance and shoddy earphones — both typical of HTC these days, it seems. Well, the choice is yours, friend.

Read their full review here.