HTC Locations/Footprints now in Marketplace


9, 2011

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HTC has released their location bookmarking app, HTC Location, into marketplace.  Long-time Windows Mobile users will find the app familiar as it is basically the same as HTC Footprints, without any significant improvement over the last few years.  Still missing is a good way to share the postcard with other people, making the app pretty much a dead end for your data.


HTC also released HTC Connected Media into market, which would have been much more useful if it actually worked.

The DLNA app both allows you to stream media from DLNA-compliant servers and also send media to DNLA-enabled receivers.

Unfortunately it seems to be tied to specific handsets, with my HTC 7 Trophy not supported.

The apps are for Mango handsets and can be found in Marketplace here (for HTC Location) and here (for HTC Connected Media).


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