HTC launching a music service soon?

imageNokia has Nokia Music and of course Apple has iTunes.  It seems HTC is feeling left out, as their subsidiary, Beats, famous for their Dr Dre headphones, are rumoured to be set to purchase music streaming service MOG.

MOG has over 14 million tracks in their library and an iPhone and Android app. Presumably if they are purchased by HTC they will also expand to their Windows Phones.

HTC has been struggling of late, with its aggressive growth from 2011 dropping of steeply in the last 2 quarters.

HTC has however said they intend of focus on music and cameras to stimulate sales, making the deal at least somewhat likely.

HTC has refused to comment on the rumour, saying the deal would be the action of Beats, which is independent of the Taiwanese company.

HTC has been active in the deployment for cloud computing music service, implementing a number of acquisition deals, including the takeover Saffron Digital and Onlive as well as Taiwan-based KKBOX.

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